Personal Training
If it’s Weight loss, Toning, Defining or Building strength and bulking up. You need to find a routine that fits your lifestyle and caters to you. Let Rams Sports Performance, help you achieve your goals and help you to fulfill a healthy lifestyle for life.

Pre/Post Natal
There is no denying what a woman endures for nine months to give birth to a child. Why not be in the best shape you can be, which will help you feel better & make the pregnancy go smoother. And, of course after you want to return to your pre pregnancy body ASAP and that’s where the focus should be, while doing it in a safe & healthy manner.

Sports Specific
If it’s professional, college, or high school athlete, even weekend warriors. We all know the only way to get better or be the best at your position or sport is hard work. Rams Sports Performance will help you achieve these goals to reach your optimal performance. Concentrating on everything from Strength, (functional & dynamic), SAQ, Flexibility, balance & hand eye coordination.

Youth Training
An area that has always been a huge passion for me is our youth, we are in a society where more than 50% of kids are over weight. So physical activity is crucial, and for all of those kids that have found there sport that they are passionate about and want to improve and excel Rams Sports Performance is for you. From one on one sessions to group settings we cover all angles.

Gym Design Consultation
If you have been considering having a gym in your home or at your office and are not sure what equipment to get or what you can fit into your space to utilize it optimally. Let’s do a consultation and help you bring the gym to your home or office.